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ELS61 - COM1/ASC1 not accessible | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

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January 31, 2018 - 4:06pm, 2173 views

I am trying to use both COM ports on the ELS61 for communication with peripherals. Port COM0/ASC0 works without a problem, but i cannot access COM1/ASC1 from my program. Querying available comports with System.getProperty("microedition.commports") only lists "COM0". Trying to open Port COM1 with CommConnection throws an exception. What am i missing?

AT^SPOW output:

+SPOW: 1,0,0

AT^SCFG output:

^SCFG: "Gpio/mode/ASC1","std"

^SCFG: "Gpio/mode/DCD0","gpio"

^SCFG: "Gpio/mode/DSR0","gpio"

^SCFG: "Gpio/mode/DTR0","gpio"

^SCFG: "Gpio/mode/FSR","gpio"

^SCFG: "Gpio/mode/PULSE","gpio"

^SCFG: "Gpio/mode/PWM","gpio"

^SCFG: "Gpio/mode/RING0","gpio"

^SCFG: "Gpio/mode/SPI","rsv"

^SCFG: "Gpio/mode/SYNC","gpio"

^SCFG: "GPRS/AutoAttach","enabled"

^SCFG: "Ident/Manufacturer","Cinterion"

^SCFG: "Ident/Product","ELS61-E"

^SCFG: "MEopMode/SoR","off"

^SCFG: "MEopMode/CregRoam","0"

^SCFG: "MeOpMode/SRPOM","0"

^SCFG: "MEShutdown/Fso","0"

^SCFG: "MEShutdown/sVsup/threshold","0","0"

^SCFG: "Radio/Band/2G","0x00000014"

^SCFG: "Radio/Band/4G","0x00080085"

^SCFG: "Radio/Mtpl/2G","0"

^SCFG: "Radio/Mtpl/4G","0"

^SCFG: "Radio/OutputPowerReduction","4"

^SCFG: "Serial/Interface/Allocation","0","1"

^SCFG: "Serial/USB/DDD","0","0","0409","1E2D","005B","Cinterion Wireless Modules


^SCFG: "Tcp/IRT","3"

^SCFG: "Tcp/MR","10"

^SCFG: "Tcp/OT","6000"

^SCFG: "Tcp/WithURCs","on"

^SCFG: "Trace/Syslog/OTAP","0"

^SCFG: "Userware/Autostart","1"

^SCFG: "Userware/Autostart/Delay","0"

^SCFG: "Userware/DebugInterface","","","0"

^SCFG: "Userware/DebugMode","off"

^SCFG: "Userware/Passwd",

^SCFG: "Userware/Stdout","file","30000","A:/log.txt","buffered","on"

^SCFG: "Userware/Watchdog","0"

AT+CGMR output: