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how to get a MIM for testing and what can be done with such a MIM

FAQ, August 13, 2014 - 6:54pm, 7153 views

How to get a sample of the MIM?Gemalto MIM

What are the capabilities of such a MIM?


How to get a sample of the MIM for testing and what can be done with such a MIM?

Describing the need:Many customers require having a sample of the solderable MIM cards to verify electrical and protocol capabilities of the new component and check compatibility with their design.As providing a MIM with regional subscription is difficult, we offer to our customers a MIM with something called "3GGP subscription".With such a MIM customer is able to do following:
  • test electrical connectivity between the application board and the MIM
  • test all AT commands that are related to MIM functionality like reading/writing the phonebook, elementary files, etc
  • connect the unit to the network analyzer like CMU200 and test voice call, do throughput measurements. Basically everything supported by the equipment.
So the only thing not possible is to connect to the real live network... How to get it: Just contact your regional technical sales person (who will fetch it from our AE team). Samples are for free but limited in number. Usually we can deliver 2 pieces FOC.
Information for the mechanical and electrical specs can be obtained in the following link: Regards Alopez

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Hi Alopez,

I want to get some technical precision regarding the 3GPP subscription which is configured into the MIM in order to perform protocol testing with a CMU200 or others. Can you please tell teh APN and other related information included into a test MIM with regards to the 3GPP subscription


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