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BGS2 - Briefly stops communicating 2 minutes after power up | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

October 19, 2017 - 11:45am, 4593 views


One of our products uses a BGS2 modem to communicate using GPRS. We have noticed that 125 seconds after the modem has been powered up, if a socket has been opened, data sent either way does not arrive at its destination. Before this time, and about 1 second later we can send and receive data, but anything sent during this window is lost. Data sent to our device during this time does not get acknowledged at the TCP level. We have tried various BGS2 (E and W) modems and service providers and software revisions 04.030 and 01.301 with the same results. We know its timed from the power up condition; the problem occurs at the same time since power up, even if we delay sending the commands the modem. If we power up then wait 2 minutes before we send anything to the modem then all is well.

Clearly, we have a few work arounds available to us; either delaying at the start, or reopening the socket if its closed due to a TCP retry timeout. However, the nature of our product makes either of these un-desirable.

Has anyone any suggestions to what we could be doing wrong?

Kind regards