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EHS6 - AT^SISW=x,0,1 question | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

November 1, 2017 - 11:03pm, 3636 views

In the note at the end of section 10.9 of the Cinterion EHS6 AT Command Set document, it states:

Do not send any characters after AT^SISW command line termination (ATS3) until "^SISW" URC is received. This is necessary to avoid that any characters related to the AT command can be interpreted as being part of the data stream to be transferred. Also refer to Section 1.5, AT Command Syntax.

I have several questions regarding this note, and the SISW operation in general:

1. Does this note also apply when sending an AT^SISW=x,0,1 command to signal an End of Data? In other words, if I am signaling an eod, wait 20 seconds, and then send a new AT command to the EHS6 before it receives back a ^SISW URC, will the EHS6 ignore that AT command?

2. How long will the EHS6 wait for a response after issuing an AT^SISW=x,0,1 before timing out and/or throwing an error?

3. The AT command set document indicates it may return with a +CME ERROR: <err>, what conditions would cause this to happen?  (No response like in question 2, or something else?)

Thanks in advance for your help