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Terminal Digital Audio Interface Demo DAI PCM

Showcase, August 3, 2017 - 5:21pm, 9499 views


This demonstrator shows the EHS6T USB or LAN terminal in use with the proof of concept Digital Audio Interface DAI / PCM adapter board from this article:


In addition the demo has the following features:

Auto answer incoming voice calls

Simulate outgoing eCalls to a predefined emergency call number

Allows AT Command control of the module over SMS

Provides approximate location of Terminal based on Cell Tower service, from Combain, over SMS

Provides Terminal status information such as "operator, temp, supply voltage, network, RAM, threads, FFS, firmware version, etc." over SMS


Build the demo with Eclipse or NetBeans 7.2 - the main class is

For simplicity all the common functionality is provided in the Java library _common.jar, link your project to that file.


I've added a simple IO board to mount the audio interface and ecall button in this application. 

Terminal IO board for DAI application

Im looking to add audio interface to BGS5 module. who makes the demo board? 


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