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EHS6, AT^SISO command behaves different depending the SIM card provider/type | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

June 7, 2017 - 1:49pm, 2025 views

Hi All,

Hope someone can help me here.

Dependent on different SIM cards providers, the AT^SISO behaves different with the ^SISW: 0,1 responce.

Here is an example where it goes fine and correct :


RX    OK

RX    ^SISW: 0,1         ( Some SIM cards dosn't respond this... , other ALWAYS )

The problem is that some SIM cards leads no ^SISW: 0,1 responce at all ( or some ***** ). So my application is waiting for the ^SISW: 0,1 and timeout on error.

What can be the difference?, some SIM card ALWAYS leads to the ^SISW: 0,1 responce, and another SIM cards do it some time...

The ^SISW: 0,1 simply indicates that the internet connection is oppend correct and ready.

Hope you can help me. 

Best Regards


Description from the datasheet :

AT^SISO Internet Service Open

URC mode (not for the Transparent TCP Listener service):

If the service opens successfully, the URCs "^SISW" and "^SISR" will trigger the action to follow, either writing

data with AT^SISW or reading data with AT^SISR. To terminate an upload data stream set the <eodFlag>

within the last AT^SISW command. If the URCs notify that a data transfer has been successful ("^SISR: x, 2" or

"^SISW: x, 2"), the service can be closed with AT^SISC. If a special event occurs, e.g. an error or a warning,

after opening or while using a service then the URC type "^SIS" will be delivered. 