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Slow +PBREADY and low signal strength | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

January 6, 2015 - 7:01pm, 7250 views


When my EHS6 starts up it takes a long time for +PBREADY to appear: 30 to 180+ seconds. What could cause this? Sometimes  +PBREADY never comes and I have to reset the modem. AT+CPIN always returns ERROR before +PBREADY arrives (which is expected I guess).

Also my signal strength (AT+CSQ) is always quite low (CSQ 3 - 7) even thought I have used a good antenna that gives good signal on other equipment. Form the modem I have a short (2mm) antenna track to a UFL connector. I have treied to match the track for 50 ohm impedance as best I could. When in the mode above where +PBREADY does not arrive the response to AT+CSQ is "+CSQ: 99,99".

I have my scope triggered to tell me if the 4V supply to the modem dips below 3.8V but it never does so I don't think it is power supply related.

Any thoughts much appreciated?