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EHS6, TLS/SSL and Paho | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

February 5, 2017 - 10:06am, 2136 views

I am trying to connect an EHS6 to the AWS IoT MQTT broker.

I have certs and keys that are known to work: I can create a

jks keystore and connect with Paho as an app in Windows and

Linux. But when I follow the directions from the Gemalto

Showcase, I always get an MQTT exception (from

SSLMicroNetworkModule (line 95)). That is an exception from

the call to

I can't walk into that code (it's part of ME), and the exception

isn't very helpful in determining why the open fails. I can't

turn on JVM debugging (ie to see the

handshakes/negotiation. I really have no idea why the connection

is failing.

I'm pretty sure the issue is either the key/cert

conversion to "*.bin" files, or how I've loaded the bin

files into the EHS6 (I'm also pretty sure I've followed the

documented approach to the letter).

Any suggestions for how to debug this condition

would be greatly appreciated.