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CINTERION PCS3 -> Downloading problem in TCP transparent mode | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

October 5, 2016 - 3:17pm, 7554 views

CDMA FW upgrade issue

Hallo all,

I have one interesting problem with which I need help.

One year ago I ended development work on our project in USA. Station which contain modem CINTERION PCS3 have availability for upgrade of FW of our station, but we can speak about this problem as generall problem.

Around one year everithing worked fine, without problems, and few month ago began coming claiming that stations are not able upgrde their self.

I found out that problem is in additonal data which coming as redundant data somewhere inside of our FW (see picture - yellow part)

Fact about this problem:

- blocks of 12 ***** 0x20 (ASCII space character) are added inside our FW

- it is repaeting pseudo-periodicaly, that mean in most case after 671 Bytes +/- few Bytes, or mutiplied of that number like after 1340 or after 2016 Bytes!

I check in documentation if I will find anything, I found something related with unsolicited messages, that this messages are additional signaling on RING0 pin, but also there was short information that if this is not possible you can setup also BREAK transition, but nowhere was descripted what or which shape is BREAK.

In documenation is write that not solved unsolicited answers can disturb activ transmition in any case, so in that case I should stop data flow on mdm (modem) port and switch to command mode via "+++" and I would be able to read "problem"....I did this but no problem was there!

Do somebody help me with this, what can mean this sequence of 12 ***** 0x20, from where it could come, or what can be 671 Bytes ( if any size of something or treshold or whatever )

Thanx a lot!