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BGS2-E, download file from FTP (to Flash File System) | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

June 15, 2015 - 3:19pm, 5625 views


I have some questions about FTP client in BGS2.

Is there a way to configure BGS2-E to download file from FTP server to FFS? I mean start the download 'in background' and when it finishes just get the file from FFS.

If it is not possible can anyone describe how the FTP client works?

I assume, from the AT datasheet, that I have to set the FTP client and then get file chunks with AT^SISR command.

Does the BGS2 buffer the file in background (if so, how big is the buffer) or does it just download 1500B chunks of data after each AT^SISR command?

Can anyone provide any example of how to download large files (about 400kB) from FTP?