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BGS5 problem with autostart | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

March 15, 2016 - 3:41pm, 6074 views


I've a device that has been working fine for a couple of months but suddenly it has stopped working.

It's stuck into a permanent restart loop with the output that can be found at the end of the message. It looks like the JRC-1.50.3.jad or something needed by the java application is not loaded.

The thing is that if I dissable autostart (AT^SCFG = "Userware/Autostart", "", "0"  ^SCFG: "Userware/Autostart","0") I can start the middle with sjam=1 and it works fine. This code/jad config 

is running fine on more than one hundred devices but I'm worried that on long term all could end having the same problem.

Any ideas on what could cause this behaviour?

Thank you.

Firmaware Version:AT+CGMR  REVISION 01.100

My jad has these parameters

Oracle-MIDlet-Autostart: 2

Oracle-MIDlet-Restart: true

Oracle-MIDlet-Restart-Count: 10


java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError: jh

 - com.cinterion.jrc.commands.hardware.JRC_AtCmd_SCPIN.<init>(), bci=111

 - java.lang.Class.newInstance(), bci=0

 - bf.b(), bci=44

 - bf.a(), bci=32

 - ej.a(), bci=52

 - com.cinterion.jrc.JRC_Context.a(), bci=86

 - dT.a(), bci=251

 - ok.a(), bci=7

 - com.cinterion.jrc.JRC_Context.a(), bci=74

 -, bci=42