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Userware/Stdout FILE in TC65i | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

December 2, 2015 - 11:19am, 2651 views

Hi all,

I want to do a log to a File in my TC65i module.

I used the following AT Command to do it:

AT^SCFG="Userware/Stdout","FILE",65535,"a:/LOG.TXT","secure".Also I tried buffered argument instead of secure.

The module writes to log.txt.0 and log.txt.1 files correctly, but I have a problem, if the module shuts down or resets by a power supply problem, these files are truncated and they are empty. 

My intentions are configure the module with AT^SCFG="Userware/Stdout","USB" before execute "System.out.print" when java program starts again, I would like to have log.txt.0 and log.txt.1 with all the before restart information but both files are truncated.

Is possible to do it? or otherwise the module cant do it. I dont know if i have to configure something more.

Thanks in advance.