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EHS6 modem - HTTP responses from AT^SISW command | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

July 31, 2015 - 4:00pm, 2807 views

Our application is communicating with our Gemalto EHS6 through the USART - sending AT commands and receiving responses. The main way we are using it is to issue an HTTP post to our backend server with the AT^SISW command. We are running version 2.0 of the module firmware.
When the post is successful we get the following response from the radio:
"HTTP POST Response: 200"
When our backend returns a 401 unauthorized error, we get the following results from the radio:
"HttpHTTP POST: IllegalArgumentException HTTP-CODE: 401"
And when the backend server isn't running or there is some sort of network issue we get the following:
"HttpHTTP POST: IllegalArgumentException Socket-Error:3"
I was hoping you could please help me answer the following questions regarding this behavior:
1. Are these responses what you would have expected given each scenario or is something going wrong somewhere?
2. The two error cases seem to have Exceptions being thrown from within the module firmware. Is there a way to just get the HTTP response and have the module not treat it as an exception?
3. The two error cases seem to present a pretty garbled response - why are there two back-to-back "http"s?
4. Is the format of these responses part of a standard interface document or SLA for application developers for this radio? I am concerned about firmware changes that would break some parsing we might do of these responses and curious as to whether or not the format of these responses is guaranteed to be preserved across firmware versions.