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Email Issue | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

May 7, 2015 - 1:05am, 6840 views

 I am getting an error when trying to open a connection for transmitting an email. The following is the code and responses. The error suggests the issue is with establishing an Internet connection, rather than the email commands. I would appreciate any help in establishing why there is an issue with establishing an Internet connection:






at^siss=1, srvType, SMTP




at^siss=1, conID, 0


at^siss=1, address,


at^siss=1, smAuth, 1


at^siss=1, passwd, ******


at^siss=1, user, ***@******


 at^siss=1, smFrom, ***@******


 at^siss=1, smRcpt, ***x@***


 at^siss=1, smsubj, "Test"



 ^SISS: 0,"srvType",""

^SISS: 1,"srvType","Smtp"

^SISS: 1,"conId","0"

^SISS: 1,"alphabet","1"

^SISS: 1,"address",""

^SISS: 1,"tcpMR","10"

^SISS: 1,"tcpOT","6000"

^SISS: 1,"user","***x@******"

^SISS: 1,"passwd","*****"

^SISS: 1,"smFrom","***x@******"

^SISS: 1,"smRcpt","***x@******.com"

^SISS: 1,"smSubj","Test"

^SISS: 1,"smAuth","1"

^SISS: 2,"srvType",""

^SISS: 3,"srvType",""

^SISS: 4,"srvType",""

^SISS: 5,"srvType",""

^SISS: 6,"srvType",""

^SISS: 7,"srvType",""

^SISS: 8,"srvType",""

^SISS: 9,"srvType",""




Thus not actually getting to a stage to transmit any data.