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Module stops on Waiting for debug device registration of "IMP_NG_BGS5_REMOTE".. | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

March 5, 2015 - 1:02pm, 3182 views


yesterday I encountered a problem which I couldn’t explain. I took BGS5T home from work to test some things before a business meeting. I tried to start Netbeans debugger but every time module would stop at:

Waiting for debug device registration of "IMP_NG_BGS5_REMOTE"..

And then I think I got :

*** Error ***
Failed to connect to device 0!
Emulator 0 terminated while waiting for it to register!

Same as MLERMAN in this thread:

What is interesting is this that I could use AT commands and MES to access file system. I tried restarting module and my laptop but with no success. Only MIDlet running at this time was JRC. I also noticed that module would reset from time to time or I would need to replug the cable to use AT commands. MIDlet that I tried to run, uses RS232 to read temperatures and then sends them to server. And when called module answers with SMS which contains temperatures.

Because I couldn’t install and debug program with Netbeans, I installed MIDlet manually with AT commands. And before at work program worked fine, but here I got strange errors which seemed completely random.

First when uploading data to server I got exception: Could not resolve hostname. Which is read from txt file, so maybe module couldn’t access that. So I sent SMS at start at the program which contained the hostname and was correct.

All the time module would be restarting but not function properly. I had watchdog inside my Midlet which would reset the program after 5 minutes if it wouldn’t receive kick. But this happened even when I disabled watchdog.

Second exception which came after first stopped was: Unknown error -123 during socket::read. This also happened when sending data to server.

Third exception was similar and also when sending data to server was: error -121 in socket::open

Fourth problem also when uploading data to server was: Profile could not be activated.

All this four exceptions were inside same try block, so only one at the time occurred.

After a while I enabled back watchdog but it didn’t help because program would still reset a few ***** and stopped working normally.

Between this exceptions there would be some successful http POST requests.

In the morning I tried program again and I would still get “Profile could not be activated”.

What is weird is that I would take module to the meeting and there was tested and it work like it should. Yesterday I couldn’t read and send temperatures for more than 10mins but now it’s working for more than hour and all request are being sent without any exceptions.

I could understand that there is some fault in my program, but even when no program was running I couldn’t use Netbeans debugger. But when I came back to office I tried same cable and laptop on some other BGS5T which was already running with that MIDlet about which I opened exception thread, I could connect normally and run another MIDlet inside Netbeans. Unfortunately I can’t post SCFG since I don’t have module here.

Best regards,