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AGS2-W Content-Type Limitation | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

January 12, 2015 - 5:26pm, 2374 views

We are working on a project which uses the HTTP internet service from the AGS2-W modem. We have hit a problem during our development.

We found the limitation related to the HTTP profile related to the hcProp parameter value. This is limited to 127 characters.(more exactly I am talking about the AT^SISS= command). This is a major limitation from my point of view because the server that we want to connect(client side server) with  Token Authorization. In order to set  this authorization we set the hcProp to "Authorization:Token our token". The problem comes from the fact that we need to add also the Content-Type of the HTTP request (GET or POST). We do not have enough room to set both the token and the Content-Type in those 127 characters. 


Authorization: Token lalaaa4iiiAiV0FVWlpauEczRE4xMjM0NjAiLCAiaWaaOaAaVa0aNaUaZaljbGbybmb0bGb5bmVhZjc4NDVjYmIyNTUwYiJ9\0d\0aContent-Type: application/json 

Does not fit into the 127 characters. 

We cannot change the authorization mode to basic. 

Now we ask you  because you are the specialists in the Cinterion Modems: 

Do we have a work-around for this problem in the modem side?

Do you have firmware updates which are related to these HTTP profiles?