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SGL81-W ThreadX application giving error | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

July 5, 2023 - 3:06pm, 753 views


I have connected newly arrived SGL81 terminal to Windows 11 PC and successfully connected to USB ports.

Example applications found in SDK have been successfully loaded to terminal. However, when I try to start the example applications, all I have tested result in error message. "Error: invalid index   Failed !

Screen dump:

C:\SDK\tools>python download ..\examples\atcommand\build\atcommand.bin
Would you like to ***** the application on target with the new one ? [y/n]: y
Sent 100 %
Done !

C:\SDK\tools>python info
Name                 Version  Status        Size  Location
adc                  24498    stopped    16.1 KB  A:/adc.bin
atcommand            48907    stopped    14.8 KB  A:/atcommand.bin
helloworld           55418    stopped    14.6 KB  A:/helloworld.bin

3 applications on target, 0 running
Autostart config: disabled
Secure boot: enabled
App signature config: ECC with sha384

C:\SDK\tools>python start atcommand
Error: invalid index
Failed !


Any ideas of what is done wrong here?

Best regards