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TX62-W MQTTS with HiveMQ | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

April 24, 2023 - 4:52pm, 1474 views


I'm facing some difficulties with establishing a TLS encrypted MQTT connection to a HiveMQ broker.

I was able to successfully use the TX62-W module to establish a regular MQTT connection to the public broker by following the steps described in the command set document.

Now I want to connect to my cloud hosted HiveMQ isntance using MQTTS, without any luck.
I have previously successfully uploaded the required root certificate into the module certificate store using the TLS certificate tool, as well as all of the missing certificates in the chain of trust, just to make sure.
Using AT^SISS?, my configuration looks like this (user, password, and broker id are redacted):

^SISS: 1,"srvType","Mqtt"
^SISS: 1,"conId","1"
^SISS: 1,"address","mqtts:/"
^SISS: 1,"secopt","1"
^SISS: 1,"ipVer","4"
^SISS: 1,"cmd","unsubscribe"
^SISS: 1,"cleanSession","1"
^SISS: 1,"clientid","004401083574984"
^SISS: 1,"topicFilter","MQTTDemoListener"
^SISS: 1,"secsni","1"
^SISS: 1,"sniname",""

Trying to open the connection with the AT^SISO=1,2 command results in the error:

^SIS: 1,0,76,"Certificate format error"

Any help on the topic is appreciated, if you have any questions please contact me :)