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Internet over RAS does not work if IPv4v6 selected as PDP Type (WinCE 6, PLS63-W) | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

April 2, 2023 - 1:33pm, 417 views

Dear community,

given a device running WinCE 6.0 and a PLS63-W phone module. On this device, we set up a RAS connection with the phone to have internet. We configure the PDP Context with pdp_type IPv4v6.

After the configuration, the phone has an internet connection (checked with the at^sisx=ping,... command), and also the RAS dial and the ATD*99... dial command succeeds on the device. Running "ipconfig" on the WinCE device shows that there is an Ethernet connection created by the RAS dial and it also has an assigned IPv4 address (the same IP that the phone has). The WinCE's routing table ("route print" command) also looks as expected. Everything looks good.

However on the WinCE device, there is no internet connection, and the ping returns with 11010 error code (even if I ping directly an IP address).

If I change the pdp_type to IP, then we have internet.

The strange thing is that in both cases (pdp_type IP or IPv4v6) we got IP4 address from the operator.
Could be that our WinCE does not have IP6 feature enabled (I think this because ndisconfig does not show TCPIP6 protocol version, while in our other WinCE 7 devices it shows) but since we got IP4 address from the operator I would expect that internet should work even if TCPIP6 is not enabled in WinCE

Any thought, idea from the community?