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Gemalto AT9000 Reader - read section DG0 on RFID | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

October 12, 2022 - 8:32am, 397 views

Hi Support Team,
In my application I connect to card reader Gemalto AT9000 or 3M RTE 8000.
I'd like to ask for your assistance in troubleshooting an error I'm getting from the reader:
ERROR_RF_DG_NOT_PRESENT - datagroup not present - 0 (data item 49).
I'm guessing that the device wants to read the DG0 section and there is nothing to read....
In EventCode.SETTINGS_INITIALISED I've overridden reader settings to read only DG1 DG2 or DG3 sections.
settings.puDataToSend.rfid.puDGFile = new int[17]
settings.puDataToSend.rfid.puDG1MRZData = 1;
settings .puDataToSend.rfid.puDG2FaceJPEG = 2;
settings.puDataToSend.rfid.puChipID = 3;
settings.puDataToSend.rfid.puDGFile[3] = 4;


Would you be able to help me out and explain why would reader try to read DG0 section and what is DG0 section about?
ICAO documentation elaborates only DG1 DG2 ... DG16 sections?


And secondly, which file stores reader settings?