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Using values from commands into Midlet | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

November 30, 2016 - 10:35am, 3560 views


In our Midlet we need to check the signal quality just after the starting to can be sure that our files could be copied into Module. 

As I undertand in order to know the signal quality are two commands: AT+SCQ and AT^SMONI. For conections with 3G is recomended to use AT^SMONI.

According to this discussion in the forum the conditions to begin the transfer are:

 values RSCP > -100 dBm and Ec/No > -14 dBm can be considered like the  acceptable conditions

 Values RSCP > - 47 and Ec/No > -4 dBm can be considered like optimal conditions


private ATCommand atc;

private String check_Quality ="";


 I'm getting the signal quality answer:

^SMONI: 3G,10788,413,-12.0,-89,250,99,6D02,499AE0F,6,20,NOCONN 

and I would like to use these values" -12.0 ( Ec/n0),-89 (RSCP) "in my Java code. To can do something like:

if (Ec/n0 && RSCP are good enough) SHOW signal is good enough, ready to download

So my question, how is posible to obtain precisely this values and use them inside the code?

I also notified that in SL Portal, on  network tab, Signal (RSCP) and RSSI are in diferents positions, so seems to me that ***** to be a way to can use this values.