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MV31: Driver SW on Microsoft Windows® 10 /11

Showcase, December 4, 2021 - 6:07pm, 3156 views

MV31 is MS WHQL certified

The MBIM interface of MV31 is as default built-in on Windows ® 10 /11, so that the Mobile Broadband interface is at a plug & play.

MBIM interface is recommended for MV31 with its 5G high speed data. Cellular data connection via MBIM is automatically managed by Windows ® 10 /11 (see: Network & Internet ->Cellular -> Operator Setting )

Additionally available interfaces on MV31: Modem interface, NMEA port, DIAG port. The corresponding driver SW installation goes with a driver SW package, as one-step via an install command script

AT commands can also be sent over MBIM interface (see: AT-over-MBIM tool)

see screenshots attached.

Refer to MS DOCs: Network Driver Design Guide

Microsoft MB 5G Operations Overview
1) "MBIM Ex 2.0 – 5G NSA support“:
2) "MBIM Ex 3.0 – 5G SA Phase 1 support“:

Can you provide a way to download the windows installer? Thanks

it is on our Extranet, please contact our M2M WM support line at:



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