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A project with two or more MIDlets (on Netbeans), How two or more MIDlet can communicate?! | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

November 27, 2014 - 10:43am, 2379 views

Hello Everybody,

I'm writing java application for EHS8 on the NetBeans IDE.

I have 2 issues,

1. I can make one MIDlet on one project, and copy the build file to the modle and run it beside other MIDlets. I tested that many MIDlet can run at the same time. But when in the Netbeans I add new source CLDC->MIDlet, and add one of those MIDlets to another one and compile the project, Netbeans can't compile the second MIDlet or if it compile and build then on the Module it can't run! Seems it face something wrong! 

2. Imagine we have many MIDlets which each of them will be installed on the Module, is there any way for their intercommunication ? For example we need to pass a message from GPS (in one MIDlet) to another one which is controlling a Socket connection! Seems there is not any "IMCConnection" class for Gemalto!

Please kindly help me in these two issues.


Mehrdad F.