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BGS5T HTTP POST | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

November 21, 2014 - 2:32pm, 4032 views


I am trying to send POST request to the server. I tryed the AT commands and Java but I had no sucess.My header has to look like this:

POST /v1/feeds/122 HTTP/1.1


X-ApiKey: W382YBfl_vMcfoY3t064kE4zyBYtUXUC3v_-FUPOIVg

User-Agent: CyBro-2

Content-Length: 1935

Content-Type: text/csv

Connection: close

Here is first the Java code:*****6jt

And error is: error -121 in socket::open

As for AT commands I followed offical example:

I tryed POST for the data above and GET for site: nad but both ***** I got: ^SIS: 1,0,3,"Bad address specified"

Here are AT commands:

I don't know what could be wrong before parameters for internet connection should be working since in the past managed to transfer midlet from web using OTAP. Do I need certificates or is it somthing else?