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[EXS82-W, LgaDevKit, GPS] unable to get GNGGA frame | Telit Cinterion IoT Developer Community

May 21, 2021 - 4:49pm, 2953 views


I want to get the NMEA frame from the EXS82-W mounted to LgaDevKit,

Here is the configuration of GPS of EXS82-W:


==> When I run GPS (with the command: AT ^ SGPSC = "Engine", "3"), I do not receive the GNGGA frame and I receive two GNGSA frames at the same NMEA frame. Please see the following screenshot for more details.



Any explanation for this behavior:
    * Existing of two GNGSA data.
    * And especially not receiving the GNGGA data!

In addition, in the received GNRMC frame, the value of the 8th parameter is empty: there is no value! Is that logic?. This value corresponds to the "Course over ground" parameter. Why we don't received 0.0 for example like the 7th parameter (Speed ​​over ground) which is equal to 0.0 and so its not empty in the received GNRMC frame?

Thank you in advance for your feedback and for any help.

Best regards.